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Nano 2013

Mark your calendar for a one-day international conference titled “Nano 2013.” The 11th annual nanotech/biotech conference will be held in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. There is no charge to attend this conference and no prior registration is required.

This multi-disciplinary conference will explore recent advances in nanosciences and focus on commercialization opportunities of nanotech, medicine, pharma, biotech and related science and engineering fields. The broad ranging presentations at the conference will highlight applications of nanomedicine to human health, the urgent need for vigilance with regard to nanotoxicity, the current view of the US FDA regarding nanoregulation and intellectual property issues based on recent major changes to the US patent system. Representatives from the American Bar Association will highlight student opportunities. The conference will offer networking opportunities to researchers, engineers, physicians, ethicists, environmental scientists, intellectual property practitioners, lawyers, business professionals, technology transfer specialists, policy makers, and venture capitalists. All presentations (15-30 mins.) will be fast-paced and focused, relying upon extensive color graphics and animations to reach the diverse audience. Raffle drawings (books, gift cards, etc.) will be held throughout the day. A light lunch will be served and a networking Sushi reception will follow the conference in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC).

ETPN and NanoMed 2020: Bringing nanomedicine to the next level





By exploiting the improved and often novel physical, chemical and biological properties of materials at the nanometer scale, nanomedicine has the potential to provide new tools in healthcare by enabling early detection and prevention, and to essentially improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases such as cancer, diabetes or neurodegenerative disorders.  Recent big deals (Amgen-Bind Bioscience, Cytimmune-AstraZeneca) have shown that the nanomedicine is making its way to the market for the benefits of the patients and society.  However the economic outputs are still too limited compared to outstanding research being performed throughout Europe.

Recently, an unprecedented effort of consolidating the area of Nanomedicine has been undertaken within NanoMed 2020, an 18 months Coordination and Support Action under the FP7-Health.  Involving the ETP Nanomedicine ( and six other partners across Europe, this project is a unique opportunity to make Europe a center for profitable nanomedicine research, development and translation.

In this context, an online questionnaire has been designed and approved to consolidate the ongoing worldwide nanomedicine landscape and to deliver first insights into the gaps, needs and bottlenecks of the nanomedicine development process. All relevant stakeholders are invited to join this survey and be part of such map which is to become a reference tool in terms of communication and awareness towards the public, the EC and national authorities, and within the nanomedicine community:

In parallel, the ETP Nanomedicine is taking a very proactive role and is devoting major efforts towards the EC to sustainably install Nanomedicine as a main European research topic in the next framework program.  With the proposition for a 1 billion€ action-plan focusing on efficient translation of nanomedicine under H2020 and promising implementation perspectives, the ETPN is about to become a much larger representative of nanomedicine in Europe and at the core of key infrastructures and initiatives overcoming current bottlenecks in the critical path to new nanomedicine products.  In this context the ETPN is also looking for many more industrial partners willing to contribute in shaping the next industrial landscape of nanomedicine in Europe.  Find out more at: