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Nano Devices for Biology and Medicine

MIGAS 2012 – International Summer School on Advanced Microelectronics
15th session / Micro & Nano Devices for Biology and Medicine
23th-29th June – 2012, Autrans-Grenoble, France

MIGAS Summer School is designed to foster and promote expertise in new, advanced topics of microelectronics.  The aim of MIGAS is to offer every year a forum of detailed presentations on emerging topics of micro and nanotechnologies.  It is also a unique opportunity for senior and junior researchers to update their knowledge in a very specific and emerging field.  MIGAS brings together scientists from all over the world and from research institutes, universities, R&D small, medium and large companies.

This year, for its 15th session, MIGAS’12 will be focused on Micro & Nano Devices for Biology and Medicine.  More information and registration: