Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oxford Nanopore’s GridION and more

Over at “genomes unzipped” Luke Jostins has an interesting post entitled Cluster Sequencing with Oxford Nanopore’s GridION System.  [excerpt]  Oxford Nanopore is clearly aiming big here; the imagine in the video (to the right) shows a “nanopore cluster” with about 300 individual nodes, which would be a tens-of-million pounds facility. It looks like they aren’t pitching this as a “complementary technology”, sitting alongside existing machines, but as a “take over the major sequencing centers” technology.

GenomeWeb’s Andrea Anderson has an interesting post entitled Sequencing Study Offers Clues to Resistance Patterns in Pneumococcal Bacteria [excerpt]  Because isolates turning up in different parts of the world at different times seem to have independently developed certain antibiotic resistance mechanisms, the researchers noted, it appears that selective pressure exercised by antibiotics has led to convergent adaptations in S. pneumoniae.